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Interviews with Four NaturallySpeaking Users

Tom Dekker interviewed Alan Cantor, Geoff Eden, Steve Cutway, and Robert Fenton for a podcast on speech recognition technology. Recorded: April 2010.

“Smart” Macros

Dr. Lynn Gitlow of Hussan College interviewed Alan Cantor about smart macros in March 2007 for the Connsense Bulletin.

Tips for Making Accessible Word Documents

Alan Cantor was a guest speaker for an EASI voice chat. Recorded: January 2004. (May not be available on-line.)

Wormholes through Windows, Part 1

In the first of a two-part EASI webcast, Alan Cantor views Windows accessibility through a usability lens. Recorded: 18 January 2006.

Wormholes through Windows, Part 2

Alan Cantor continues his talk. Recorded: 25 January 2006.