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Accessibility Planning

Disability Case Management

Library Accessibility

  • The ADAPTABLE Approach: A Practical Guide to Planning Accessible Libraries. Vol. 14, No. 1. 1996. pp. 41-45. Library Hi Tech News
  • The AD-A-P-T-A-B-L-E Approach: Planning Accessible Libraries. Vol. 2, No. 4. Information Technology and Disability

Media Accessibility

  • A Short Guide to Media Accessibility (2007) by Alan Cantor, William McQueen, Don Peuramaki, and Charles Silverman. Developed for the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario

Other Writings, 1980 - present

  • A Recorder Builder's Odyssey (2012). Article published in the Fall 2012 issue of American Recorder
  • Crafted Bodies: Interpretations of Corporeal Knowledge in Light of the Technological Imagination in Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Present (1995) Unpublished Masters thesis
  • Graduate Students' Perspectives on the Learning and Teaching of Statistics: An O.I.S.E. Study (1987) by Alan Cantor, Robert Prosser, and Sandra Vegeris. Paper presented at the Canadian Society for Studies in Education Conference, Hamilton, Ontario. 1 June 1987
  • Microcomputers in the Classroom (1985, revised 1986) An introductory computer course — one of the first for teacher candidates — at Queen's University at Kingston, Faculty of Education
  • The Art of Wholegrain Breadbaking (1980, revised 1981) An illustrated manual on making breads with unrefined ingredients, including recipes for whole wheat breads, bagels, and muffins. Privately published