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This page lists upcoming classes, workshops, and conference sessions. All of my past presentations are listed on a separate page.

Focus on Assistive Technologies

This December or in January 2024, I will be offering three, free, 30-minute "lightning sessions" on employment accommodation.

Attendance is free to everybody on my mailing list. To be added to my mailing list, send me an email.

Session 1: Stages of the Accommodation Process

I introduce a five-stage employment accommodation planning model. The model makes it easy to spot when an accommodation has become "stuck," and to know how to "unstick" the process.

Session 2: Accommodation Drivers and Costs

In an organization, who is best-suited to drive the accommodation process? I contrast four models of accommodation stewardship, highlight common barriers to the smooth unfolding of the process, and challenge assumptions about the economics of employment accommodation.

Session 3: Accommodations Gone Awry!

I describe the surprising consequences of inadequate and delayed accommodations, such as the organization that wasted over $200,000 in an effort to avoid spending $5000 to accommodate an employee.