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Health and Safety Policy


To outline a general statement of policy for the health and safety of any person having access to Company property or performing work on behalf of the Company.


All employees, sub-contractors and visiting members of the public.

Statement of Policy

Cantor Access Inc. complies with all regulations pursuant to both Federal and Provincial Government health and safety legislation. The Company maintains the highest degree of safety for employees and clients, practices sound ergonomic principles, and demonstrates a high level of environmental responsibility.

Cantor Access Inc. commits to taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the provision of a safe and healthy work environment, both for its employees and clients. The Company requires all supervisors, employees, sub-contractors and visitors to comply with the laws and statutes that have been enacted by the federal and provincial governments, and with any health and safety policies and guidelines established by the Company.

Responsibility for safety exists at three different levels: institutional, supervisory, and individual. The division of responsibility must be clearly assigned and accepted; steps should be taken to ensure responsibilities are exercised; and the assignments reassessed if unexpected problems arise.


Cantor Access Inc. has a fundamental responsibility to provide facilities, equipment and maintenance to ensure a safe working environment; education to employees and sub-contractors on health and safety issues; and a program to make necessary improvements.


The President or his delegate is responsible for ensuring that employees, sub-contractors and visitors observe normal safety precautions.


Employees and sub-contractors are responsible for learning the health and safety hazards of the materials or equipment they may be using or producing; the hazards associated with the use of work-related equipment and techniques; and for following appropriate safety measures, both on Company property and while performing work on behalf of the Company. All employee and sub-contractors are expected to take responsibility for safe working practices and procedures to safeguard their own health and well-being, as well as that of clients, colleagues, and visitors. Any accident that occurs while performing work on behalf of the Company must be reported to the President or his delegate, recording the apparent causes and measures that may be required to prevent occurrence of similar accidents.

Changes to this Policy

Cantor Access Inc. reserves the right to modify or update this policy at any time without prior notice.

For more information

If you have questions or comments about this policy, please contact us via email.

Updated: 28 December 2023.