Alan Cantor

Accommodation, assistive technologies, accessibility

Excellence in employment accommodation

I offer job accommodation and return-to-work services to corporations, governments, non-profits, and social service agencies. To date, I have helped more than 95 organizations meet their duty to accommodate.

For many years I worked in a large organization as a return-to-work and accommodation specialist. I coordinated the reintegration of over 400 staff as they transitioned back to regular or modified employment after illnesses, accidents, injuries, and long-term disability leaves.

Expertise in assistive technologies and computer customizations

I recommend and offer coaching on assistive technologies — tools and techniques for people with sensory, motor, learning, neurological, and psychological disabilities. I have a special interest in speech recognition as a computer access method.

A vital aspect of my assistive technology support services is computer customization. Customization encompasses many techniques that change the behaviour or appearance of a computer. Customization enables an individual to access a computer more easily, efficiently, and safely — at work or at home.

Advising on accessibility

My associates and I advise organizations on making their products, web sites, software, and services accessible and usable. We specialize in helping Ontario organizations meet their AODA requirements.