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Macro Scripting

Why use macros?

Macros make software easier to use, physically and cognitively. People who use macros perform tasks faster and make fewer mistakes.


Alan Cantor has been honing the art of macro scripting for over 20 years. He creates macros to automate repetitive tasks, correct programming errors, make software features work the way users expect them to work, and repair accessibility and usability problems.

Alan also develops macros for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. His specialty is voice-enabling applications so that they can be controlled reliably, efficiently, and intuitively by voice.

Macro scripting tools

Alan currently uses four development tools:

Alan also uses features that are built into Windows and Windows-based programs to create macro-like shortcuts. These shortcuts are extremely powerful, and can often be made in a minute or less.

Learn more

Alan has written many articles about macros and software customization techniques. He also maintains the Windows Macros FAQ.

If you have questions about macros, feel free to write Alan.